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Lawton, MI

Hold onto your balloons! We are waiting for further information on this event...

  • FAQ #1: How do I register?
    Fill out either the family registration form or the individual registration form and have the appropriate guardian sign it and then turn it in to Bro. Nathan Ford along with your $30 payment (per participant - families of 5+ is only $150). Registration will begin in the back of St. John Cantius and St. Peter’s by the Crusader’s Administrators on Sunday, July 8th until Sunday, July 29th. Forms and payments can be turned in then, or sent to: Bro. Nathan Ford 825 N. Carpenter St. Chicago, IL 60642
  • FAQ #2: Who’s able to attend?
    This event is open to families and youth of St. John Cantius and St. Peters. There is no age limit for this event, and families are strongly encouraged to attend together! Youth not accompanied by a parent/guardian will be supervised by approved and certified chaperones.
  • FAQ #3: Where do we stay?
    We will be camping in the camping field at St. Anne’s Chapel 33013 CR 358 Lawton, MI 49065. Every participant should bring their own camping materials (tents, pop-up trailers, sleeping bags, etc.) as none of this will be provided. Families will stay together. Youth without a parent/guardian will stay/sleep in separate areas (one for boys, and one for girls) supervised by approved and certified chaperones.
  • FAQ #4: What will we be doing?
    Please see the Lifeapalooza flyer for a detailed description of events. However, at all times the participants will be monitored by approved and certified chaperones. A certified lifeguard and trained first-aid chaperone will be present for sports, swimming, and other activities.
  • FAQ #5: What is expected of participant’s behavior?
    It is expected that ALL participants will follow the directions of all chaperones and personnel in charge of this event. The following list of things are NOT permitted at this event. Any fraction of this rule will result in an expulsion from this event. 1) No tobacco, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Vaping, or Drugs. 2) No member of the opposite sex should be in the other’s sleeping area at anytime. 3) No leaving the event once a participant arrives at the event. 4) No driving around the property (unless authorized). 5) No airsoft is allowed at this event. 6) All participants must turn in a copy of the registration form and their $30 payment before they will be admitted to this event. 7) All participants must follow the chaperone’s instructions at all times. 8) Any issue or problem should be brought to a chaperone’s attention immediately.
  • FAQ #6: How/When do we get to Lifeapalooza?
    No transportation will be formally provided by either parish. Participants and families should arrange safe rides at their own risk. Lifeapalooza officially opens at 5:00pm on Friday, August 3rd and lasts until 12:00pm on Sunday, August 5th.
  • FAQ #7: Where do we park?
    Parking will only be at the designated areas (by the chapel and in the first back field). No vehicle will be allowed to park back in the camping field, nor will any vehicle be used to drive around the property (unless to drop off a small trailer/supplies). This is for safety reasons as well as the possibility that vehicles may get stuck.
  • FAQ #8: Will food be provided?
    Yes! All meals, drinks, and snacks will be provided. See Lifeapalooza flyer for the schedule of events and meals.
  • FAQ #9: What about Mass?
    Mass will be offered on Saturday morning at 7:00am for those who wish to attend this daily Mass. Sunday Mass will be a Tridentine High Mass at 5:00pm on Saturday, August 4th and will be the anticipatory Mass for that Sunday. There will be no Mass offered on Sunday, August 5th.
  • FAQ #10: What's the Schedule?
    Friday Aug 3: Registration 5-8pm Dinner 7pm Opening Talk 8pm Live Music, Fire, Sports Saturday, Aug 4: Mass 7am (Optional) Breakfast 8am Pro-Life Flash mob 9am-12pm Lunch 12:30pm Speakers 1 pm Free time Mass 5pm (Anticipated Mass for Sunday) Dinner 6pm Sports, Fire, Fireworks, Live Music Sunday Aug 5: Breakfast 9am Pack Up End Time 12pm
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